Encounter 1: Rescue

The 7 Duergar are each wearing Plate Mail +2 and are carrying a shield +2. The 2 Drow mages wear Bracers of Defence AC 2

Encounter 12: Slave Pens:

The 4 Drow mages wear Bracers of Defence AC 2 

Encounter 16: The High Master’s Quarters

The Apparatus Manual is hidden in a recess behind the tapestry by the High Master’s bed. A pouch of diamonds and other gems is also tucked away in the cubby hole, worth 10,000 gp. The tapestries are very heavy, but they are worth 5,000 gp each.

Encounter 17: The Lair of the Elder Brain

The 8 Drow mages wear bracers of defence AC 2

Encounter 18: Resolution

Anitella will give the characters the Sacred Barrier at the adventure's end.


When he is killed (Which can take place at almost any point of the adventure), Bonespur has three prized possessions: a Ring of Spell Turning, a Psionic Shape-Shifting Knife, and a Chain Contingency Medallion (which will have run out of charges by the rime he is finally killed).

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