Lyssa was the daughter of Anna and Tod Von Zarovich, granddaughter of Sturm Von Zarovich, who was one

of the few people to escape Strahd’s wrath on the day he murdered his brother and lost his beloved Tatyana. Ever since, Lyssa has been raised to despise her grand uncle, and to plot against him at every turn. Ironically, Lyssa shares some of Strahd’s own darkness fate: In order to better oppose him, she struck her own dark pact and murdered her fiance to honor it. In addition, Lyssa tormented her former lover’s ghost by seducing his incorporeal spirit. In frustration, he attacked her repeatedly with his aging touch, thus aging her over 200 years in the course of a night, before she wholly obliterated him from existence. As a result, Lyssa has achieved Very Old status (300-399) in terms of her vampiric powers, even though she has been a vampire for only a century. Her statistics reflect this artificial enhancement.

Lyssa has come to Bluetspur with the notion of mounting a coup against Strahd. She believes that mind flayers can overpower the Lord of Barovia with their psionic abilities. Her efforts to turn the High Master lllithid into a minion vampire work nicely into her plans.

She will be encountered a couple times before fighting to the death.