Lord Wilfred Godefroy inherited the Gryphon Hill estate in Mordent. He married Estelle Weathermay and they had a single child, a girl. Godefroy was disappointed, and he was an evil man with a vile temper. During a fit of rage he killed his wife, and when the little girl attempted to intervene, he killed her as well. Then he made it look like an accident in the stable, shooting his best stallion to prove the point.

For the next year, Godefroy was haunted by the spirits of his wife and daughter, until he finally committed suicide. By his own last request, he was buried in the mausoleum of Heather House, the largest estate in Mordent, although his wife and child are buried in the Gryphon Hill cemetery. He did not want their spirits haunting him in death as they had in life.

Though Godefroy did not yet realize it, his activities had captured the attention of the dark powers, even though Mordent was not yet a domain. Then Strahd von Zarovich came to Mordentshire in an ill-fated attempt at escaping his prison in Barovia. Rather than entering the prime material, though, all he managed to do was to draw Mordentshire and the surrounding lands into Ravenloft. Thus, the domain of Mordent was formed. When Strahd returned to Barovia, Lord Godefroy was the most powerful evil force in the area, so he became its lord, thereby increasing his powers.

This vicious spirit fears only his wife and daughter. Each night, Lady Godefroy and her child hunt down Lord Godefroy and tear at his incorporeal flesh, cursing him for their murders. Lord Godefroy always does what he can to hide from them, which is very little.