Mind flayer - 5E

Illithids, also known as Mind Flayers, are aberrations that devour people's brains. Their origin is not known, but they may have connections to the far realm.

Society Edit

Mind Flayers are hive minded, but are also self serving. Societies are ruled by an Elder Brain that oversees them. They typically live in colonies, but venture out to wreak havoc occasionally.

Slaves Edit

The Mind Flayers have influenced many species over time.

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    The Duergar were a colony of Dwarves that were captured by Mind Flayers and after their escape became very selfish and evil.

Subspecies Edit

Elder Brain Edit

Elder Brains are the rulers of Mind Flayer society, exacting control over all the other Mind Flayers.

Illithid Vampires Edit

Illithid Vampires are Illithids that the host of the egg was vampirized. Such are quite insane and a danger to other Mind Flayers.

Illithid Individuals Edit